I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for such a wonderful, informative, helpful, hands – on infant massage workshop. I desperately needed help with my sons’ (8 months old) tummy, he suffered terribly with gas and constipation and I was willing to try anything to help … I am so glad I attended as I learnt so much and it really has helped us! I would recommend that any new mom take this workshop weather their baby has “problems” or not, as it is such a wonderful “tool” to use to even just connect and form such an amazing bond with your baby …. My only regret is that I did not attend the workshop when my son was younger … then I would have learnt about the wonders of infant massage much sooner Thanks so much once again and thank you for the wonderful gift you have given me.

Nicky Griffin

My son Daniel and I attended Alison Strauss ne de Vries’ Baby Massage Workshop classes held at Lasting Impressions Studio. The Workshop was a wonderful bonding experience and I still continue to use many of the techniques taught.. I would recommend every mum attending this Workshop with Alison as she imparts her knowledge so well.

Tracy Kirkland

“Scott Clemmett, was born on the 20/06/08. 4 weeks prem. I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes and he had to come out prem due to health issues and possible complications. He was a very small baby (48cm at birth), and although everyone commented on how small he was, was not that difficult for me to handle (ignorance….I assume, as this is my first child). At 12 days old, we starting attending baby massage workshop classes at Lasting Impressions with Alison, It was quite difficult to try and get the massage strokes correct, as he had this very minute little body to try and get the strokes correct on, and his feet were only as long as my thumb and trying to roll his little toes, was a mission and a half, but there is always a way around it. The reason for me starting to go to the massage classes this early in his life, was that it would calm him down and help him to sleep well. I was very interested in the colic routine, as we are aware, colic (or gestational discomfort) is quite prevalent in prem babies and the routine seems to help with easing the discomfort. Alison is amazing with babies and I will recommend her classes to anyone that is into alternative healing as alternative is better in the long run for us all, as you target the cause and not the symptoms…


Lasting Impressions Studio Infant massage Workshops. These classes take place once a week on a Wednesday for 4 weeks. They are a chilled meeting place for baby and dad, granny your care – giver should you wish. Running time is from 9:30am – 11am and is complete with tea coffee and very yummy biscuits I believe (I declined with thanks as I am on a mission to reduce the hatching house with immediate effect…. but that is a another blog entirely though!) There are so many emotional and physical benefits to baby massage. It aids growth and development, stimulates nutrient flow to your little one’s cells, helps your little one sleep better, and the list goes on and on. Cooper just loves his massage time and it is such a quality bonding opportunity for us. There is so much good that comes out of touch – both emotionally and physically. Week by week we are taught massage techniques for ,different areas of the body from legs and feet, tummy, face, arms and hand, back and flexibility exercises. I have become very in tune with techniques such as India milking, rolling, sun and moon, Swedish milking and waterwheel among others. Cooper’s day is always completed with a bath, massage, feed, then bed. Could this have anything to do with him sleeping from 9:30pm – 5:30am? I so enjoyed my time with Alison and the other moms. It is a great informative workshop spent chatting about any number of baby related issues from colic (which massage is great for) to the ever – controversial topic of immunisation.
Lasting Impressions Studio also specialises in pregnancy massage, pregnancy body stretch exercise classes and preggy – touch massage workshops.”
Jane Linley Thomas

At my baby shower I received an amazing present of a baby massage workshop coupon @ Lasting Impressions studio.What a brilliant concept. Massage is such a powerful tool for a newborn and with Alison as the instructor it makes it that much better. The course was just so much fun and such a brilliant way to bond with my newborn baby girl. The best part was actually doing the massage on her @ home. To our surprise the ‘spoilys’ did not end there. We all received the most AMAZING gift bag filled with all sorts of useful things. Being a Nuk mom I was especially delighted with the bottle and dummy. I loved every moment of my course and was very heart sore when it came to an end. Thank you so much Alison and team for the best few weeks of our bonding time. Jemma and I will never forget the amazing massage workshop classes and goodie bag. Really made me feel like a very lucky mom.
Kerri Yunnie.

When my little girl arrived. I attended the Baby Massage workshop classes and it was a wonderful bonding experience with her, that I will use for years to come. I was so grateful to receive the NUK bottle and dummy, it will be the first my little girl will get to use. After all the knowledge that was shared with me on this workshop i know i can use these products confidently. Thank you Alison and your team for your help and advice during my pregnancy and the birth of my little angel..
Regards, Rowena Arnold

I really want to thank you for our classes on Infant massage. It has helped me and McKenna so much! I now know what to do when she has a sore tummy, and the massaging really helps! Shes starting to teeth as well, and its helping her calm down and focus on other things when she’s having a ‘bad day’! Its also helped with bath time. She used to not like it much and be very active and kick all the time anticipating ‘what’s coming’ but since I have massaged her before bath time, she now is calmer and loves it! Thank you for everything and all the extra knowledge you have shared with us and for always making us so welcome!”
Collette Norris

I always wanted to undergo the infant baby massage workshop classes when Alison told me about the wonderful benefits it could bring for both baby and mum. I didn’t know Alison when my first child was born and with my second child life just got too busy and financially I didn’t have the extra cash so I didn’t end up going for it. Whilst I was pregnant with my third child I decided that come rain or high water. I would save the money and attend the workshop and what a difference it has made for me and baby Aaminah. I will never regret this decision. I actually feel disheartened that my other two girls didn’t have a daily massage by me. With my first two kids I was blessed with them not having colic or reflux. But with Aaminah she had both. She was always crabby and used to cry for hours at a time. She used to frustrate me as I didn’t know how to calm her down or relieve her discomfort. I became very moody with my husband and older kids and slightly depressed. Infant baby massage has made such an enormous difference to both our lives. Aaminah is more calm and happy. She doesn’t cry as much and can play longer even by herself. The techniques learnt, the wisdom and information given, the wonderful goody bag and meeting other mums is well worth every cent and time spent on each session. I highly recommend infant baby massage for all mums with young babies. You don’t know what you have been missing until you have come and experienced the classes. Thank you Alison for helping me bond with my little baby and keeping me sane.

“Attending your baby massage workshop classes was money well spent on my side. My three months little angel has never been happier. She is or should I rather say was a colic baby. It was worse in the evening, she would squirm, grunt and cry a lot and I wasn’t sure what was wrong with her until i attended your baby massage classes. She was colic and had lot of gas that made her tummy sore. I can literally hear her passing the gas when doing the massage and the relief written all over her face gives me the satisfaction that I have done it right. Massage has become part of our bedtime routine, massage, bath and feed. She sleeps like a baby now!!! Besides helping me with colic, massage time is my best bonding time with my baby because I only focus on her. I will definitely recommend this to all my mommy friends.
Thank You,”
Hilisiwe Msomi

Just wanted to thank you for the amazing workshop we attended. You have so much knowledge to share and it was lovely to learn from you. Although I have to be honest that, life is busy and we don’t get to a full massage every day. Even though I know how beneficial it is! The time we do is so special and a lovely bonding time. The massage really helps to keep Daniel calm and relaxed. We find the nights we don’t give him a good massage  sleeps more restlessly and wakes up more often. The massage is such a helpful tool and it helps both baby and mom feel so much better! Thanks again, take care.
Claudia Bell