Been for my 1st pregnancy massage 7 yrs ago and now can’t wait to go for another…

Tasmeya Deedat

I started seeing Alison for pregnancy massages during my 2nd trimester. Having to travel all day daily for work, pregnancy massages were of great benefit especially from Alison the specialist. Alison knew exactly what I needed. She gave time to talk and get to know your needs, and additionally as a first-time mom I got a lot of wise tips from her.

After each session, I felt a difference with back and shoulder pains. I could manage all duties much better, especially whilst pregnant.

Furthermore, post-partum is when one really needs a massage. Not knowing how much pain one can get after delivery whilst caring for a baby, I should have gone for my treatment earlier.
After just having one post-partum massage session, I felt less back pain, but more importantly at the end of the day of caring for the little one I didn’t complain about the back pain as I used to.

Alison has made the most positive impact during my pregnancy and after. Her sessions have given me not just great massages but also beneficial information

As I continue with my sessions, I appreciate every minute of it


Thank you Lady. You are amazing

Nolwazi Makhanya

As ladies, we sometimes put other things or other people ahead of looking after ourselves. I realized when I fell pregnant how important it was to invest on looking after your body especially as you are carrying a precious little one inside you. Attending maternity massages with Alison helped me immensely to relax and ensure that my pregnancy continued as smooth one.

I would highly recommend Alison – you will not be disappointed.

Lindelwa Khuzwayo

I heard about Lasting Impressions Alison Strauss from my antenatal class and decided to try out the pregnancy package. 
It was absolutely divine and exactly what any pregnant woman needs. 
I felt pampered and completely relaxed!  The only downfall was hearing about it in my 8th month, I missed out on 8 months of bliss!

About a week before my due date, I was told that I would have to be medically induced if I went over my due date. 
I was told that the inducement massage would be much less invasive, so decided to try it out.  About 8 hours later, I was in labour! 
I had a fairly easy labour and a natural birth, which I personally feel was greatly due to the massage.

No words can describe the wonderful treatment that I received! 
The therapists are amazing: friendly, professional and take a keen personal interest in all of their clients.  
They went out of their way to make me feel comfortable and at ease. 
I am very impressed and would recommend to all, pregnant or not! 
Thank you

Fathima Desai-2011

I first came across Alison 5+ years ago, when I was having my first baby after 9 years of trying. Alison made me feel so at easy with every treatment I felt that she not only gave me relief from the aches and pain of pregnancy but she is a friend and with her years of experience I found her advice ever so accurate even thru this second pregnancy which has been tough she has been like a sister to me and I felt at times I would be lost without her. Along with all this love and care she gives every client she also really knows a the human body and makes every minute of your treatment more than worth its weight in Gold.

I recommend Alison to every woman I know and will do so till the end of time.

Llana Gradidge

Thank you Alison for your expertise and love given through your treatments! Your pregnancy massages were just the very thing that encouraged relaxation and gave relief to my very sore back, feet and sciatica. Not only were you providing me a way to de-stress through increased endorphins and oxytocin, but you were also there to listen to any concerns I had about my pregnancy and my coming birth. Your knowledge in this area is great and your encouragement for my birthing wishes so appreciated!

Having been so geared to have a natural birth without intervention, I went for Alison’s induction massages at 39wks too. Through massage, reflexology and aromatherapy, I knew I was preparing my body and doing the best I could to stay relaxed, mind and body open, for that very important day of arrival of our little one. Thank you for offering this as an additional preparation for labour. 

I am now looking forward to further postpartum treatments with you!

 Much love,


If you’re pregnant, u need good supplements, a good gynae, a healthy diet and defiantly treatments DONE by Alison Strauss ne de Vries..

A qualified pregnancy massage is a must have..

Trust me, I’m a physiotherapist by profession and know a good massage, so when I saw Alison I was Highly satisfied, with her treatments.

From the nice soft music, to the specialised personally mixed oils and just the right pressure, this massage is both rejuvenating and therapeutic. Benefits u & baby, not to mention, this is the only place u can lie on your tummy.. yes ladies, there’s a hammock type bed so your tummy rests in it as you are pampered from head to toe..

I highly suggest all moms to see Alison, it’s never too early or late in your pregnancy. 

Jasantha Iyappa

I’ve been to Alison for 3 massages and a baby massage workshop. The first massage was a pregnancy massage (combined with an induction massage) which brought on my labour within 48 hours, which I was very happy about.

Alison is professional, knowledgeable but also very warm and loving. The other massages have been for post pregnancy. Alison is always prompt at replying and will impart all her knowledge to assist you where needed.

The baby workshop was very informative and really helped me to understand my baby’s needs and body. He is now very very spoilt and never goes a day without a little massage. Highly recommend Alison!

Anne Bloem

“I recently had a preggie massage at Wellness Massage Specialist. What a treat. It was thoroughly relaxing and everyone was super friendly and professional. I would highly recommend this business to anyone looking for a wonderful massage.”recommend Alison!

Tracey Ellis

“My second pregnancy was definitely more uncomfortable. Thanks to the Team at Wellness Massage Specialist, I got through the pregnancy feeling relaxed and soothed. The pregnancy massage is an essential if you are pregnant. The effects last about 2 weeks, and you can function in even the most uncomfortable moments.


Absolutely amazing experience! Alison seriously knows her stuff and makes a pregnant mom feel so comfortable with her body! I felt absolutely fantastic after my pregnancy massage! I would definitely recommend her!

Jade Vanderwagen

I was first referred to Alison by my OB/GYN when I mentioned my back, feet, and hips being sore in my third trimester. I was especially concerned about my hips as I thought it may pose a problem for labouring. I went to Alison for a pregnancy massage. My body was so relaxed and happy. I felt so spoilt and cared for.

My pregnancy was progressing normally, but we were concerned about how big my boy was getting and so decided to do a c-section at 38 weeks. I was desperate to go into labour first and went to Alison again and we tried everything to get my body going. My boy had other ideas and I did not go into labour. However, the work done with Alison got me physically and mentally ready. The delivery went smoothly, and I healed amazingly.

My next challenge came when trying to breastfeed. The nursing staff all told me I would not be able to breastfeed properly because I had had a breast enlargement. I was determined to prove them wrong. On day 4 my milk came in and I instantly had mastitis. I messaged Alison and asked what we should do. She called me in to see her. She massaged my breasts and worked on a few pressure points in my body to help the blocked ducts release (and then gave me a relaxing post-partum massage as well). I continued to rub the breasts in the ways she had shown me, and the blockages went away. I did not need any medication. I then had concerns about my supply and again Alison was on hand with her vast expertise to help me. I am now breastfeeding with ease and have enough to spare.

I have continued to see Alison for post-partum massage and infant massage. The post-partum helps with the aches in all the muscles that are not quite used to being worked so hard. The infant massage was great for my c-section baby and helped him “realise” he had been born.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to prove everyone wrong and to feed my boy in the best way possible! All while caring for me as a client and a person.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Jeena Lee King

I’ve been seeing Alison since my 2nd trimester and as most of you know each trimester comes with its own set of symptoms. I had the most annoying sciatic nerve pain which only got worse until I went to Alison.

Alison was comforting and encouraging she takes her time with her clients. She provides great advice on managing a symptom especially with sciatic nerve pain.

You leave her treatments feeling relaxed and relieved; a definite recommendation to anybody requiring massages during pregnancy.

Thank you for your wonderful, helpful treatments

Yumna Cassim

Hi Alison
I want to thank you for the lovely pregnancy massages, I had during my pregnancy, which made the birth a lot easier.
and also the wonderful post-partum massages.
Your friendly helpful advice, helped me through my pregnancy and defiantly during the birth.
You were always there to answer my questions and I so appreciated this.
Thank you also for the lovely gift bag.

It was such a nice fantastic gift bag with lots of goodies in it, your efforts to contact these companies it truly appreciated by me.
My baby still uses his Nuk bottle and Dummy I got in the gift.
We also loved the baby Seamed range I still buy the shampoo, it makes my babies hair so soft.
The Bennett’s range is also fantastic that I received samples of.
There were so many great samples and pamphlets.
It really helped me as a first time mom, to gain power and knowledge about what products there are on the market.

Your Treatments are wonderful, I will certainly be coming for some non-pregnancy treatments too.

Cirsten – 2011

WOW! I went for a massage at Lasting Impressions Studio during my first pregnancy. It helped me so much and made such an impression- excuse the pun- that when I found out I was having twins in my second pregnancy, I knew exactly where I was going to go, as I had missed lying on my tummy so much in my first pregnancy.

I knew that I would get even bigger, and far more quickly, so I would definitely need regular massage. As my boys grew, my body was sore and tired, plus I missed lying on my tummy, except for the few times I was blessed to have a massage done on that amazing couch with the specialised preggie bump hole. I could lie on my tummy and our babes would be safe too. The massage was awesome, and definitely helped with all the aches and pains.

I urge all Daddies-to-be to spoil their “incubators”/moms-to-be with this wonderful experience!

Liesel Israel

“Hi Alison & Team @ Wellness Massage Specialist

Just a note to say how awesome it has been coming for regular pregnancy massages. SO RELAXING. And well needed, pregnancy really does take a toll on one’s body – and the massage made all the difference. And not to mention the much needed me-time. Really appreciate it. Have a great day.

Warmest Regards.”

Petta Anne