Fertility Coaching & Female Fertility Boost Massage

500_F_64575401_k20tdGy0lqTGncGlA2HBVkqsaFESuGjVFertility massage, as it is performed today, is a version of that which ancient civilizations used to practise. It is only through the natural bonding between women that we have this knowledge today. However, today, in our fast-paced world of instant gratification, I feel it is so important for women to find an expert massage therapist, like myself, to help them reconnect to the massage techniques that these ancient civilizations pioneered.

Falling pregnant

External and internal body stresses can impede the natural function of the body in many ways, especially when it comes to maintaining the delicate balance of hormones required to create a baby.

The goal of fertility massage is to help create the ideal conditions for conception to take place and be maintained. Bringing the body into natural balance allows it to work more efficiently.

An image of a woman getting a fertility massageThere are numerous techniques to assist a woman’s fertility issues including massage. Fertility massage is just one of the treatments which should be used in combination with others to aid in beginning and maintaining a healthy pregnancy and the ultimate goal of a healthy baby.

Besides its role in fertility, massaging the abdomen assists with digestive issues and strengthens the bladder, helping to insure against the chance of incontinence in later life.

For this massage to be even more effective, a daily home routine is taught so that blood supply stimulation is continued uninterrupted, thus aiding healing and keeping the body in optimal state in between the professional treatments.

Benefits of fertility massage

Abdominal massage treats both the digestive and reproductive organs. During massage, endocrine glands are stimulated to help regulate hormones. Regular massages assist in increasing delivery of nourishment to all the organs. Circulating blood into the soft tissue helps eliminate toxins and support cellular health through oxygenation.

Massage of the colon cleanses it of stagnant waste. This eases pressure within the abdomen and aids in the absorption of nutrients.

Massage of the ovaries and fallopian tubes works to break down excess tissue from endometriosis, cysts, and fibroids, and helps to remove mucus that can block the tubes. This makes for easy passage of the egg during ovulation. Massage also breaks down scar tissue caused by infections or surgical procedures. Misalignment of the uterus can also be corrected with this gentle massage technique.

Aside from enhancing fertility, this massage therapy can also ease cramping or clotting during menstruation, ease symptoms of PMS, and regulate a woman’s cycle.

Further Benefits Of Fertility Massage

      • Assisting in creasing the blood circulation & oxygenation in the uterus and ovaries
      • Assists in relaxing muscles
      • Assists in braking down scar tissue, left from procedures & previous pregnancies
      • Assists body in preparation for pregnancy
      • Relieves water retention through lymphatic stimulation
      • Assists through neurological health in the treated area, helping the body to reconnect it’s relays systems

Benefits of Female Infertility

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Fertility Coaching – My Philosophy

The International experts say that doing 36 to 40 fertility massage treatments over a 90 day consecutive cycle doubles your chances of a healthy pregnancy, even if you need assistance in falling pregnant. So with this knowledge every woman wanting to get pregnant should be having regular fertility massage treatments and doing self massage at home daily and adjusting her diet, exercise and stress level, to create the optimum environment to conceive a baby and have a good health pregnancy.

My programs are individually worked out according to my client’s present health presentation or issues and what combination of treatments or other services they are receiving or planning to do.

For example, my program for a natural planned conception is based on the client receiving a minimum of 12 sessions monthly, over 3 to 6 months of treatment (minimum 36 treatments required), to balance the body into a optium conception functioning environment.

Because the program runs on a whole body approach to boosting fertility, the program requires you to adhere to the eating plan, nutrients and vitamins required and for you to have total commitment. 

Once you have done 3 months of the above then we will reassess and possibly convert you to the correct program for over ovulation time, but a minimum of 6 sessions will be required before and around/over ovulation time. This can only occur, if we have seen the right changes in your cycle, and you are using the home care kit daily.

Different programs are put together if you are doing ivf/ exi or other treatments offered by medical fertility clinics, further information below.

A holistic approach

Science has advanced our understanding of the body beyond that of our ancestors. Medical doctors can diagnose imbalances that contribute to infertility. There are various medical treatments to help couples conceive, such as hormone therapies, surgery, artificial insemination, in vitro fertilization and more.

A holistic approach creates the healthiest environment for a baby to grow. A better eating plan increases water intake, vitamins, liquid-to-foods balance, gentle exercise, relaxation time – breathing time. Wanting to have a family is natural. Unfortunately for some, it can be a long and stressful journey. Stress is one of the main things to avoid when trying to become pregnant.

Massage gives us the opportunity to slow down, breathe, and get in touch with our bodies. It lowers the stress hormone, cortisol, and releases the love hormone, oxytocin. Not only does it create a better state of health for you and your future baby, but it feels good and makes you happy.


When it comes to fertility massage, you must be an active participant in the process. This massage therapy does not end when you leave the massage table. You will take with you tools to continue the healing yourself. With regular massage, women will find themselves feeling better and in most cases, achieving their dreams of motherhood.

Medical Assisted Pregnancies: AI/IVF /GIFT/ ZIFT
If you are planning on doing any of the above listed treatments with a fertility specialist, adding my bespoke combinational massage treatment will assist your body to lower your cortisol & adrenaline levels, this is most important 3 days before egg removal and then further correct massage treatments can help you to recover after the procedure.
Once you move onto the next stage of your journey, you will need to prepare your body for embryo transfer it is highly recommended that you increase your blood circulation and your bodies lymphatic function, when trying to fall pregnant.

My Post embryo massage & nutrition protocol is as follows:
Massage must be started on either day 3-6-9-12 post transfer, this is very important to keep the  mum-to-be calm, anxiety causes loads of issues in our bodies related to holding a pregnancy. In the early stages mum needs her blood and lymphatic circulation systems to be functioning exceptionally well, so that her body can focus getting the implant of the embryo complete and move on to continued growth.

The combination treatments are continually done once weekly till 12 weeks.
Once pregnancy fully confirmed then we continue doing pregnancy massage
bi-weekly till 37 weeks and then at 38 weeks labor preparation treatments can commence if mum and baby are healthy.

Fertility Client Card : Download a client card and email to Alison to schedule your first appointment.