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Why Alison

The Massage Specialist - KZN

The Massage Specialist is a unique business catering for those who need personalized massage treatments: Her field of expertise allows her to offer treatments in the field of female-fertility, Pregnancy, labour inducement, muscle injury, stress, reflexology and Shiatsu-Thai pressure.

Who Alison is

About Alison Strauss

Alison has 25 years of hands-on massage experience in the massage & health industry, with 16 years of specific focus on mums & babies. Over the years, Alison has attended numerous local and international workshops and seminars.

What Alison does

Alisons' field of expertise

Treatments for female-fertility, Pregnancy (all trimesters), labour inducement, muscle injury, reflexology and Shiatsu-thai pressure. Her passion is Nurturing, Healing & Empowering using the art of massage & other manipulation techniques.

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